In today’s busy world it is easy to lose yourself amid all the noise. We become disconnected from our inner power and unable to find real substance in life or business.

Know that it is time for you to awaken to the powers within you, to the authentic, aligned version of you that has been quietly calling you for years to rise and be unleashed!


I am Yasmin Darwish, kinesiologist, speaker and activator of alignment for the modern woman.

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And it is my great pleasure to introduce you to a program unlike any other, a program that is designed from my own personal challenges and from working with hundreds of women, just like you, who have somewhere lost their inner power - power to receive love, money, joy, abundance, clarity, passion and alignment.

If you are here - firstly, welcome sister!

And secondly, my bet is that you may be experiencing some - or all - of the symptoms below;


♢ Unable to speak your truth;

Stuck in a job you hate or feel like you don’t have the confidence to find something more aligned;

♢ You know you are ready to make changes in your life but just not sure where to start;

♢ You are a high achiever in your career but often feel like you are never good enough or success in how you perceive it is just out of reach;

♢ On the outside you are perceived by others as ‘successful’ yet you can’t ignore that empty feeling inside that there must be something more;

♢ You struggle to find and let love in, or worse, keep attracting ‘Mr Wrong’;

♢ You find yourself desiring more financial freedom and abundance;

♢ Money feels like it slips through your fingers even though you have a healthy paycheck;

♢ You find yourself playing small and staying in your comfort zone;

♢ You are ruled by procrastination and self doubt.

Well Divine One, know it does not have to be this way.

In fact it is your Divine Right to experience a life of abundance, of joy, of passion, of adventure, or clarity and purpose.

It is your Divine Right to ALIGN + THRIVE.

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I’ve walked in your shoes and know exactly how you feel, I too felt stuck. I too know how it feels to feel disempowered, to feel undervalued and like there is more to you and your potential.

From the outside looking in, my life and career was fabulous. But deep down I felt confused and unsure. I didn’t love my job, I was always attracting the wrong relationship’s, I was always worried I wouldn’t have enough money to do the things I loved and I started to suffer from severe anxiety. I really felt like this was it, this was what life I was going to be like and I didn’t know how to get myself out of it.

I bring along 15 years worth of corporate experience working for some big organisations and have now run my own successful Kinesiology business for several years which has had continued success changing people’s lives.

I love that I’ve been able to help hundreds of woman live the life they have always dreamt of, change career paths or even have the courage to move into their own business.

Along my journey I have discovered so many tools and strategies - some ancient, some science-based and all powerful - that enable you to uncover who you truly are and tap into your unlimited potential.


♢ Were able to play big in the world as the most unabashed woman you are;

Unleashed your adventurous soul;

♢ Tapped into your hearts desires and manifested them into your experience;

♢ Had unwavering faith that your desires are met;

♢ Tapped into and trusted your inner guidance;

♢ Vaporised your limiting beliefs and unleash your inner Goddess;

♢ Had the power to expand your vision to see the unlimited brilliance within yourself;

♢ Experienced financial abundance so you never stress or worry about money again;

♢ Move out of fear and doubt into certainty and clarity.

Are you ready to uncover the magic within you?

In this brand new program - ALIGN + THRIVE - I will walk you through exactly how to awaken the power that is already within you.

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Week 1

♢ How the mind & body connection works and how kinesiology can help get the answers from within so you learn to tap deeper into your intuition.

♢ Tap into those limiting beliefs and learn to leave them behind so you can start to play big in the world.

♢ Learn how to set powerful intentions so that you can tap into your hearts desires and start manifesting more into your life.

Week 2

♢ Learn a powerful technique called ESR and other amazing tools to alleviate stress and burnout and live a life alignment.

Week 3

♢ We dive deep into a life changing process which uncover’s and clear’s deep rooted emotional patterns so that you can unleash your inner goddess and expand your vision to see the unlimited brilliance within yourself.

Week 4

♢ We learn and implement ways to move out of fear and doubt so you can start to trust your inner guidance and get more clarity and certainty in all areas of your life.



♢  Weekly LIVE calls with me and other amazing like minded women, where nothing is off limits. We will go through the course content and there will be time for questions after each session.

♢  Each call will go for 1.5 hours and will be recorded for you to re-visit at any time.

♢  A private community - You will be invited to our private Facebook group, a supportive, positive space for you to connect.

♢  Unlimited facebook support (In office hours) as we all know at times we may need some advice and encouragement in between calls.

♢  A beautifully designed workbook for you to use during each call and for you to keep for future use.



I was able to let go of anything that could be unbalancing me

“I really love working with Yas. When you are dealing with mind, body and soul you need to feel comfortable and Yas certainly ensures this by easing me into the sessions and allowing me to let go of anything that could be unbalancing me.

Every time I leave a session I feel so alive and refreshed and like I can take on anything. Yas is so very passionate in what she does and this shines through when working with her.”


My life has seriously changed … I learnt to love myself again

“One of the best experience I've had was the moment I met Yasmin and had my first kinesiology session. My life has seriously changed a lot I felt so connected with myself, feel really positive and have learnt to love myself again. It was such a great experience I can’t recommend it enough.”


This program is for you if you are:

♢  Ready to make some serious changes and have faith in your decisions and trust your inner guidance.

♢ A professional or entrepreneur who know’s there is more for you in your career.

♢ Starting your own business and want to have a foundation of alignment to build from and to have the power to expand your vision, notice the brilliance within you and allow it to shine.

♢ You want to increase your self worth, feel confident on the inside and learn to love yourself wholeheartedly.

♢ Ready to stop playing safe and start to unleash your adventurous side and be doing more of what your heart desires.

♢ Want to stop procrastinating and take risks and put your hearts desires into action.

Remove any fear and doubt so you can feel empowered and more visible in the world.

♢ Be ready to watch magic happen when you remove your self imposed boundaries.

♢ Excited to be financially abundant in all areas so you never have to stress or worry about money.


What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up you will be added to the private Facebook group. There will be the link for the LIVE calls and all communication will be through that group.

You will get the workbooks in the before we start and all the calls will be recorded so you can watch them at a later stage.

What of I can’t make the live calls?

Don’t worry of you can’t make the live calls as they will be recorded and added in the Facebook group for you to review in your own time. I would encourage you to lock in some time to come to the Live calls if you can so you can ask any questions at the time. (of course you can also ask questions at any other time too).

Can I still join the course If I don’t live in Australia?

Absolutely - We will just work out the time difference and if you can’t make the live calls you can always watch them at a later stage.

Do you offer refunds?

I’m afraid once the course has been purchased no refunds will be given.