Are you stuck in your career, business or personal life and not sure what is your next best step?
Would you like to step into your inner power and map out your next move?


Are you ready to go from just surviving to EFFORTLESS THRIVING and achieve anything you desire in your career, business or life?



Is it time to expand your career, personal life and potential, improve your relationships and enjoy the life you truly desire?


Do you want to be confident and feel EMPOWERED to be clear and have clarity on what direction to take?


Do you want to be more financial abundant and get that pay rise you deserve or perhaps even go and start that business you secretly desire?


Do you want to continue to grow and develop within you and be motivated, inspired to get up every day and be the best version of you?


Welcome to the program that will inspire, empower and create ever-lasting change.

This 3-month program will allow us to work together to break through barriers using powerful techniques to tap deeply into YOU and help you embark on a journey of empowerment and growth with confidence and energy to achieve your goals.


We will tap into the emotional blockages to find out what is stopping you from moving forward to achieving your goals and be the best version of you.


I will give you proven tools to get a clear understanding where you are out of alignment. We will get you balanced in all areas of your life so that you will feel joy and continue to thrive.


I will support you through the 3 months as you go through a process of rapid change so that you are able to reclaim your INNER POWER.


I help you regain your confidence so that you feel empowered  and become visible as the person you are meant to be while helping you rise and continue to step forward.



♢  I’ve walked in your shoes and know exactly how you feel, I too felt stuck. I know how it feels to feel disempowered, to feel under-valued and like there is more to you and your potential. I can help you find it.

♢  I bring along 15 years worth of corporate experience working for some big organisations and have now run my own Kinesiology business for more than four years which has had continued success changing people’s lives.

♢  I have been able to help woman live the life they have always dreamt of, change career paths or even have the courage to move into their own business.

♢  My clients get a toolbox of wonderful take-home techniques that can be used on a daily basis to allow you to stay on track.

♢  I work intuitively and specialise in tapping into your subconscious mind while recognising the emotional blocks to allow us to release the inner power.

♢  I guide, support and inspire you to be able to reach lasting change in all areas of your life.



♢  An in-depth session around what it is you want to achieve in the 3 months program. We will set your intention for this AMAZING journey you are about to embark on and get clear on the goals you wish to achieve.

♢  9 sessions (with 1 week break in-between for integration week) either via Skype or in person so we can really work through any challenges or blockages that you may come up.

♢  Unlimited email support as we all know at times we may need some advice and encouragement in between sessions.



I was able to let go of anything that could be unbalancing me

“I really love working with Yas. When you are dealing with mind, body and soul you need to feel comfortable and Yas certainly ensures this by easing me into the sessions and allowing me to let go of anything that could be unbalancing me.

Every time I leave a session I feel so alive and refreshed and like I can take on anything. Yas is so very passionate in what she does and this shines through when working with her.”


My life has seriously changed … I learnt to love myself again

“One of the best experience I've had was the moment I met Yasmin and had my first kinesiology session. My life has seriously changed a lot I felt so connected with myself, feel really positive and have learnt to love myself again. It was such a great experience I can’t recommend it enough.”

Now is the time to change YOUR life and TAKE ACTION with me by your side to guide and mentor you.

Get ready to feel YOURSELF GROW into this EXCITING and LIFE CHANGING way of being.

It’s TIME to do WHAT’s BEST for YOU!

Let’s get started today.