Yasmin Darwish is a former corporate success turned kinesiologist and wellness enthusiast who is truly passionate about  helping women feel empowered, inspired and know they have the support to be the best version of themselves.

Yasmin has been a kinesiologist for several years now and has been able to help hundreds of women move forward from that stuck stagnated feeling, allowing them to have the strength and inspiration to achieve anything they truly desire...BUT, it all starts from within.

Yasmin's corporate experience also led her to gain a full understanding of what drives employees towards, happiness, health and productivity in the workplace. Yasmin's is also now dedicated to assisting people sustain a healthy working environment while educating in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase productivity, inspire and empower so you can perform your best at work in your personal life

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2019 “Awaken Your Inner Power” Woskhop

DATE:  Sunday 24th Feb 2019 - 9 am to 1.30pm @ The Beatt Café in Armadale

LET'S MAKE 2019 YOUR YEAR! Do you often feel you have grand plans to make so many some changes especailly when the new year comes around? But then you find yourself a few months in and already you seem to be in the same vicious cycle?

It's time to set some strong foundations for the start of 2019 so you can start to Aligh & Thrive and step into your inner power for 2019.

Come and immerse yourself in a beautiful one-day intensive workshop allowing you to learn ways you can live your fullest potential and live your best life. 

In this workshop, I walk you through proven techniques so you can thrive in all areas of your life, manifest more abundance, break through any self-doubt, learn ways to love yourself again and create the life you truly desire. I will also teach you how to tap into your subconscious mind using a powerful technique so you can get the answers from within.


Feeling inspired and empowered and be given tools and techniques that you can take away with you to continue on your journey of self-discovery. You will also understand the importance of tapping into your own subconscious mind to get the answers within you - because that's where it all starts.


  • Learn how to self-muscle test and understand the art of muscle testing so you can tap into your own subconscious mind to unlock the answers within you

  • An understanding of the power of language, and managing your thoughts

  • How to raise your vibrational energy to ensure you're attracting and manifesting what you desire

  • Proven techniques to manage stress, overwhelm and burnout

  • How to be more present and how to practice the art of mindfulness

  • Learn how to practice Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

  • Powerful ways to get your day started with success (including intention setting & mantras/affirmations)

  • The power of visualization and how you can attract more abundance into your life

  • How to stay on top of your personal and professional goals

  • Finally - How to make your very OWN VISION BOARD so you can start creating the life you've always wanted.


  • A workbook with all the tools and techniques you learn at the workshop & your vision board to take home with you

  • Nourishing snacks and refreshments throughout the day

  • An AMAZING goodie bag that will give you beautiful gifts to continue to support you after the workshop.

This workshop is one you will walk away feeling so inspired to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and you will be surrounded by other amazing like-minded people where nothing is off limits.