Fujan Willemse, Artist

"My experience with Yasmin has been nothing but wonderful. I met Yasmin at a time in my life where I was at a crossroads and was not sure about what direction I wanted to take with my career. Along with that I didn't have the confidence to give myself the opportunity to pursue any career even if I tried.

I loved Yasmin's passion for genuinely wanting to help me. She was spot on about everything she was picking up energetically and physically throughout our sessions and was able to get to the root cause of my blockages.

She helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities and I had some life changing discoveries. Today I have pursued my dream of being artist and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who feels stuck or needing support through a challenging time in their life to try Kinesiology with Yasmin. She is amazing."


Keri Troman, IT Business Engagement Manager

"The thing I love about my sessions with Yas is that she makes you feel instantly at ease with a sense of calm. It was suggested by a work friend after telling yet another (disappointing) dating story that I try kinesiology. I never knew what it was, but I was willing to give it a go. I started sessions with Yas and the main area I was looking for change was in meeting my life partner. My first session was in June 2014 and over time I started to uncover what may have been holding me back without even knowing. It helped me shift my focus at times and change my outlook. I am so very happy and grateful of the biggest success I've had with Yas which is meeting my life partner this year at Easter. It really was like a fairytale! I have met an amazing guy, even beyond my dreams. We are about to move in together and planning our wedding for next year. Whilst meeting a life partner was my main area, there were other areas that came up through our sessions including work and relationships that have also improved, including a recent promotion. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason, though I also firmly believe if you can get a little help to get you there faster, go for it, and I feel kinesiology was just that for me."


Mona Gentner, Group Account Director

"Wow what an amazing Skype session yesterday. It was so powerful, worked beautifully and really exceeded my expectations. Everything that came up made so much sense and I can’t believe how aligned I feel towards my goal in such a short amount of time after the session. Having the Skype option available to me is a god send, it's going to be so much more convenient for me to see you while juggling work and family commitments. Thank you for your amazing gift, you truly have helped me move forward in the last couple of years, the changes I am seeing in my life have blown me away. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Lots of love and gratitude." 


Samantha Skaftouros, Digital Advertising

"I love working with Yas, she always makes me feel really comfortable and allows me to open up and release anything I'm holding onto - even if I didn't realise it myself. Each time I leave one of my sessions with Yas I feel balanced, grounded, happy and as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I first sought the help of Yas after ending a long term relationship. I was struggling with the guilt of hurting someone I cared about and was having trouble completely letting go. After just two sessions I was feeling so much happier and was able to think logically with a clear mind and release any pressure I had put on myself and it allowed me to focus on other aspects in my life. Yas helped me to be more open to change and wanting the best for myself. I have continued to do my affirmations and have since gotten a new job in advertising! I am so much happier and content since starting my sessions with Yas."



Carolina Sardinha Lourenço, Student

"I had my first session with Yasmin on December 2015, by this time I was very unmotivated with my job and unhappy with various aspects in my relationship. Kinesiology was something new for me and I didn’t know what to expect, but since I started seeing Yasmin my life changed. I got another job, now I feel so much more comfortable to express myself with my partner (which made our relationship way better). Also I am so much more conscious and feeling more in control of my life, I just love the feeling when the session is finished and I feel so happy and light. Yasmin is so special and I am so happy to have her in my life, looking forward to seeing her again."


Fernanda Perez Carvalho, Chef

"There are not enough words to say thank you for everything that you and your beautiful work as a kinesiologist has benefited me in every way. I always believed in energy and having a high vibration but sometimes I face problems and kinesiology has been able to solve them for me. Thank you so much for your kindness and great energy. Whenever I see your face, I feel calm and whenever I leave your clinic I'm feeling very happy and motivated to face my problems and work on improving myself. Since I have discovered kinesiology, I can't see my life without it anymore. Thank you so much."