At 7am your alarm goes off. Do you leap out of bed excited to find what the day has in stored for you? 


Or do you hit snooze 5 times, eventually dragging yourself out of bed half an hour later ?


Do you feel a little restless and unmotivated? Or maybe life is going pretty well - you have a job you like, a nice home and solid relationship but you still feel like something is missing?

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  • Do you want to be more financial abundant while doing something you are TRULY PASSIONATE about


  • Do you want to continue to feel confident, empowered and inspired to get up every day and be the best version of you and create a life that truly fulfils you ?


  • Isn't time you did something you that makes you truly happy?Something that makes your heart sing?


  • Do you want to get that business idea you have always dreamt of to start coming togther? Or tap deeper in to your creative flare but not sure where to start?



Welcome to these sessions that will inspire, empower and get you on YOUR PATH to FINDING

These sessions will allow us to work together to break through barriers using powerful techniques to tap deeply into YOU and help you embark on a journey of empowerment and growth with confidence and get you on YOUR PATH To LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE


We will tap into the emotional blockages to find out what is stopping you from doing what really makes your heart sing and be the best version of you.


I will give you proven tools to get you clear on how you get closer to living your soul purpose. 


I will support you through the sessions as you go through a process of discovery while stepping into your INNER POWER.


I help you regain your confidence so that you feel empowered  and start livig the life you have been dreaming of while helping you rise and continue to step forward.


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♢  I’ve walked in your shoes and know exactly how you feel, I too felt I wanted more in my life. I know how it feels to be doing something to only pay the bills, or that is really un fulfilling . I can help you find it.

♢  I bring along the journey of discovery and have now run my own Kinesiology business for more than three years which has had continued success changing people’s lives.

♢  I have been able to help woman live the life they have always dreamt of, change career paths or even have the courage to move into their own business.

♢  My clients get a toolbox of wonderful take-home techniques that can be used on a daily basis to allow you to stay on track.

♢  I work intuitively and specialise in tapping into your subconscious mind while recognising the emotional blocks to allow us to release the inner power.

♢  I guide, support and inspire you to be able to reach lasting change while finally getting you doing what you were BORN TO DO.



♢  3 x 1 hour - session either via Skype or in person so we can really work through any challenges or blockages that you may come up.

♢   A fun workbook to give you take away activities that will help you get really clear and help you on the journey of discovery.

♢   A facebook community where you get additional support, share and collaborate with other like minded woman on the same journey.   


Yasmin helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities and I had some life changing discoveries. Today I have pursued my dream of being artist

My experience with Yasmin has been nothing but wonderful. I met Yasmin at a time in my life where I was at a crossroads and was not sure about what direction I wanted to take with my career. Along with that I didn't have the confidence to give myself the opportunity to pursue any career even if I tried.

She helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities and I had some life changing discoveries. Today I have pursued my dream of being artist and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who feels stuck or needing support through a challenging time in their life to try Kinesiology with Yasmin. She is amazing."

Now is the time to change YOUR life and TAKE ACTION with me by your side to guide and mentor you.

Get ready to feel YOURSELF GROW into this EXCITING and LIFE CHANGING way of being.

It’s TIME to do WHAT’s BEST for YOU!

Let’s get started today.